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Not Watching

Posted by on Thursday, March 26, 2009, 22:59
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coveredTonight was Mizzou’s next tournament game… If they win tonight, they make the Elight 8.  The game is probably still on and I haven’t seen a second of it.  I haven’t watched it on TV and I haven’t checked online…  I’m rooting them on by not watching!  I seem to affect the teams I like in a bad way, if I watch, they lose…  so, I’m not watching.

Thursday night television was good even though all I watched was The Office and the results show of American Idol.

The weekend is almost here!  Yesterday was one of the longest days of the year it seemed… whew, glad to get that one over with.  Not a whole lot going on other than working, sleeping, eating, and growing older.

Might watch some movies this weekend, don’t know for sure though.

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