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NCAA Underway

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sixteenThe NCAA Tournament is underway and I’ve got my bracket going along ok at this point.

Day 1 – I got 14 of 16 / Day 2 – I got 10 of 16 / Day 3- I got 8 of 8

Tomorrow, I’ve already lost 2 games because of upsets so the best I can do is 6 of 8.  Not too bad, but I’m sure there are quite a few people ahead of me.  A couple of the overtime games went the wrong way for me.  The best I can do is 14 of the Sweet 16 if things go my way tomorrow.

Mizzou plays tomorrow for a spot in the Sweet 16.  Hopefully they will step up and win their game and continue their dramatic turnaround season.

Nothing much going on around here… I’m watching some Saturday Night Live and am totally disgusted with the show.  I can’t believe this drivel is still on television.  If Tina Fey hadn’t brought in her Sarah Palin character earlier this season, the year probably would have been a complete disaster from start to finish.  They just are not funny anymore.  When they try to be funny, it’s just not.  In an effort to be edgy, they’ve lost their edge in my opinion.  Craptastic show.

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