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Short Weekend

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Posted by on Sunday, February 8, 2009, 20:07
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repair_shinglesWe didn’t get to go to White Castle this weekend… I’m pretty sure we’ll hit the Castle during Valentine’s Weekend.  My wife and I visited our new Lowe’s today for the first time.  It appears and feels smaller than the other Lowe’s in our area but the product choice appears to be the same.  The store still has that new smell to it.

This morning after Church, I came home, ate some breakfast from McDonalds and then laid down to rest.  Next thing I know, it’s noon and my wife is checking on me to make sure I’m alive.  I fell back asleep and then finally got up a little before 1p.m.  Guess I needed some rest huh?

After my “nap” I decided to head up to the roof and fix a few shingles that were damaged from the windstorms over the winter.  I’m glad to get that over with!  The way the wind usually hits our roof, the shingles take a beating.

Nothing much happened yesterday around here.  Just a basic Saturday at the house.  There were some fights on television last night… I did get to watch some of that.  On with the new week!

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  1. 2009.02.08 21:36

    I still think it would be great if we could convince our employer of how productive it would be if we could have a 4 day work week and 3 day weekend. I think it’s been proven in many workplaces and documented well. It’s just hard to change others when what they are doing works. It’s hard for them to see the big picture of the added possibilities. (Change is hard for most of us.)
    So, I’ll just dream… 😕

  2. 2009.02.08 21:49

    What they fail to realize is that 4 day workweeks does not mean only 4 open days of business. Some people get Monday off while others work… Some people get Friday off while others work… It works out assuming management can actually work a calendar and schedule accordingly.

    I’ll guarantee you that efficiency would increase and costs for employees would go down as associated trips to and from work are decreased. It may not be a dream as more and more businesses succumb to the recession. 4 day work weeks cut costs…

  3. Ann
    2009.02.08 23:56

    As I’ve said it before, the four day work week does work, because I live it. Makes for more happier employees.

  4. Diana
    2009.02.13 14:51

    We do a 4 day week at school as well. The students and teachers both love it.!

  5. 2009.02.13 22:29

    You guys are so lucky!!!!!

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