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Friday & The Weekend

Posted by on Friday, December 5, 2008, 23:49
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YAY!  Just finished up my first week at work.  It was a hectic and fun week and there is still so much to learn and get involved in.  I’m not used to spending all day sitting in a cubicle so it was a bit of a change to my mental and physical day.  When you’re able to work at odd times and not during a specified work day, it allows you to manage your time a bit more effectively so your work is actually more efficient.  Of course, that doesn’t work for everyone.  Now, I have to retrain my mind and body to fit back into the corporate schedule.

As a result, I was tired at odd times and fell asleep when I normally wouldn’t.  It won’t take long to get acclimated to the new process though.  But, I’ve found that I needed some soda to keep me going and thus, I drank an extra-large tonight just to make it past 10:30pm.

My wife got to watch the movie Hancock tonight with me (thanks Nick!).  The unrated version has a few extra scenes in it which actually made the movie better.  After that, we started watching Step Brothers again (thanks Paula!) and it also had additional scenes in it from the one we had seen prior.  Now I have a game to play (thanks Chris!) and some books to read (thanks Mom & Dad!).

It’s the weekend!  Oh, and the cat in the picture is how I looked upon coming home lol.

4 Responses to “Friday & The Weekend”

  1. 2008.12.06 19:32

    😀 I love the kitty picture. Glad to have you close to me during the day again love.

  2. Ann
    2008.12.06 23:43

    So glad you are entering the outside workforce again with anticipation of new challenges. Prayers and thoughts are with you. I like the kitty picture also.

  3. 2008.12.07 09:25

    You guys are always suckers for kitten pictures =)

    I’m glad to be back in the saddle and being near my honey makes it even better!

  4. 2015.12.29 22:56

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