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Thunder & Lightning

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Well today I saw something I thought to only be a myth… rain, thunder, lightning, and massive amounts of hail… in southern Arizona!  Along with high winds and cloudy skies, the afternoon weather today broke out with some rumbles of thunder and before we knew it, rain drops were falling from the not so clear blue skies.  After all of the years coming here, we FINALLY saw rain.  On top of that, we were treated with lightning and copius amounts of hail.

It hailed so much, the ground was covered and white almost appearing as if it had snowed.  Wow, so the urban legend of rain in sourthern Arizona is actually true.  Free carwashes for everyone!  We went to my brother in law’s church this morning and the seats were packed!  The live band playing the music and leading us into the message really made things get going right from the start.  We really enjoyed it!

After that, we were treated to french toast and breakfast made by my sister and in the evening, my niece treated the family to homemade chicken enchiladas and rice and she even made us homemade salsa to go with our chips.  Great food all around!  We watched a couple of movies as we chose to stay up late playing scrabble.  We watched Luther (a story on Martin Luther), What Happens in Vegas, and we finished up with The Goonies even though I only made it about 20 minutes into that one before falling asleep.

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