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Finished Up Coulter’s Book

Posted by on Thursday, November 13, 2008, 21:44
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I had mentioned that I brought along a few books on my trip to Arizona and Ann Coulter’s latest book was one of them.  I was almost finished with it and I was able to finish it off on my trip.  The book itself was a little new and a lot of old.  It was more of a collection of the best of Ann Coulter through the years merged into one concise book for reading.

She segmented the topics very well and her snippets were very well placed.  I’ve read several of Ann’s books in the past and this particular book offers an “encyclopedia” feel for her works.  If you are an Ann Coulter reader, make sure and check it out and the information within not only contains references to her past books, but to her many interviews and written articles through the years.

I’m going to write up a “book review” that will be available on Synaptic Domination and I’ll make sure and provide a reference to that when it’s ready.

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  1. 2015.10.11 04:36

    Coulter is one of the most insightful and ignnlliteet women to stand in front of a microphone in 100 years, but she has a bitterness I can’t abide. Much as she has a sense of humor and even tolerates the likes of Bill Maher (they are close friends), her “schtick” of loathing atheists and certain stripes of liberals makes the hairs on my back stand up. Were it not for that, I might vote for her as a political candidate. Given that, however, I can take her only with a good belt of whisky. She’s as “media bogus” as Sarah Palin.

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