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Pop Radio

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Do you listen to top 40 or pop radio?  Notice I didn’t say do you listen to music on the radio…  The noise we hear on the radio these days is almost un-listenable.  When there is music playing, it’s the same song you’ve heard 25 times that day and after that, you are treated with commercial after commercial which seem to be created specifically to annoy the listeners.

I channel surf on the television bad, but when I’m listening to the radio, I’m spinning the knob as fast as a merry go round in search of something that doesn’t make my ears bleed.

Well, since the radio waves inundate us with garbage, I plug my handy iPod in and listen to music I KNOW I will enjoy and hardly ever face the willy nilly commercialized drivel top 40 or pop radio pushes to our ears.

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