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Bored Bowling

Posted by on Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 22:39
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Tonight was bowling night again.  I wasn’t into it, was bored for some reason.  Anyway, I bowled another mediocre night with scores of 188, 139, and 190.  Another night of hitting the pocket and not carrying the pins.  I think I’m sick of losing as we only came away with 2 points again.  I hate losing and when our team cannot win, it bores me and it’s not fun for me.  Hopefully things will pick up because it’s too expensive to keep doing and not at least have fun doing it.  The World Series game was pushed to tomorrow due to more rain/snow in Philadelphia.  It’s going to be pretty retarded if they play 3 more innings and that’s it.  What an anti-climactic event this has turned out to be.  I’m off to eat some cookies and milk.  Yah, it’s a great snack before bedtime…

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  1. 2015.10.11 04:42

    1. So far no tummy troubles today2. Reading evdobyrey’s lists3. Waking up w/o feeling anxious4. Brownies5. Realizing how large my collected family is. I love all of you 6. Snow on May 21st (yes it is snowing right now!)7. Talking to my daughter8. Feeling peaceful even though I am surrounded by a boat load of work9. It’s Friday10. Getting the finicky heater to turn on11. Knowing God’s grace and forgiveness12. Cheeseburgers13. My mom14. Realizing the tsunami of emotions have transformed into almost gentle waves15. Reconnecting with old friends on FB16. Being known as assertive17. Being told I make a difference18. It’s almost time to get away and recharge19. Finding things my bedroom has swallowed up20. Seeing people’s lives change

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