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More 24

Posted by on Tuesday, September 2, 2008, 22:46
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We continued watching 24 today.  I think we are up to 6pm or so, can’t remember for sure.  Bowled again tonight.  Felt much better than last week but my scores weren’t very good.  Metallica’s album is 9 days away, Chuck Liddell is fighting this coming Saturday night, and Metallica also announced their tickets will be on sale September 13th for their concert in St. Louis.  $55.50 is the cheapest seat for a concert starting at 7pm that has 2 bands I could care less about opening for them and then a presumed 2 hour set from Metallica as the show headliner.  If my wife and I go, it will be a minimum $150 deal including parking, gas, and a few snacks/sodas.  I’m just not sure I’m going to put that much money out for 4-5 hours of entertainment.  If I knew for sure they were coming back to St. Louis on another tour as they usually do as headliners of an all day concert, I would rather just go to that.  The first and only time I saw Metallica live was just like that.  Summer Sanitarium featured like 6 or 7 bands and the concert was an all day deal.  Very worth it.  I’m on the fence on this one.

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  1. 2008.09.03 13:58

    HAHAHA! That made me laugh! Who are you kidding? You’ll go to the concert, I have no doubt!

  2. 2008.09.03 14:55

    Hey, I meant it when I typed it. That was before I heard the new album (yeah, I’m a weenie and listened to leaks on youtube). So I guess we need to make plans for that night and prepare for not being able to hear the next day.

  3. Diana
    2008.09.04 22:56

    HA from me too. I can’t imagine you having the opportunity to go and turning it down, no matter how bad the first two bands are. HAVE FUN! 🙂 By the way, Logan found a band he likes and wants you to check it out: War of Ages.

  4. 2008.09.05 07:58

    Well, I’ve only seen them once and they have been back in St. Louis since the first time I saw them and I did skip that one. But that was mainly due to their last album not being so great.


    Their new album is a return to their previous ability so it changes the perspective. If it wasn’t a good one, I would definitely be sitting it out.


    I’ll have to check that band out, from what I’ve seen that he listens to, I will probably like it.


    Am I really that predictable? I’ll have to start throwing some curves…

  5. 2008.09.06 14:51

    I went on youtube and found some War of Ages videos and I also checked out their Wiki page. I’m safe to assume that I’ll never see Leroy and Diane at their concert… I didn’t know there was such a thing as a metalcore Christian band.


    The music I do like, but the “singing” is a tad bit much for me. The guttural vocal element hasn’t ever grown on me although I can listen to them from time to time. I’m thinking I’m just a little too old to appreciate this particular sing-style.


    While searching for these guys, I even ran across Thrash Christian bands and even Black Metal Christian bands. Learn something new every day I guess. Black Metal and Christian, I would never have guessed it ever would be a possibility.

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